Hi, my name is Patrick Grieshaber (“Pat”), and I am passionate about information technology. I’ve hold several positions in system engineering and security consulting (in-house as well as with external customers). In 2013, I received a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and I have ever since happily worked in IT, with focus on open source technologies.

Information Security, or more precisely IT Security has also been an interest of mine. While this topic is multi-faceted, I enjoy focusing on solutions that come with integrated security, rather than generating endless lists of security policies.

Occasionally, you will find me at events, such as Beer on Tuesday (BoT) or OWASP CH (in Zurich, Switzerland), chatting with other tech enthusiasts.

This website is primarily intended to be a contact point by providing my contact details. I appreciate conversations with passionate people. So, feel free to reach out to me.

Find my contact details here.